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The Contemplative Pedagogy Network

Item ID : 2456

Here are the aims of The Contemplative Pedagogy Network as presented in their website

Inspire – to encourage those interested in contemplative pedagogy to explore ways of embedding it within their classrooms and within the curricula they teach. We also hope to provide inspiration for educators looking to take up, deepen or diversify their own contemplative practice.

Inform – as a relatively new concept, particularly in the UK, research and evidence of good practice within contemplative pedagogy is currently quite limited. We aim to highlight useful resources and encourage sharing of successes and failures so that we may all learn and progress.

Connect – making connections between those interested in contemplative pedagogy will provide valuable support for both our teaching and contemplative practice. Creating active, engaged and positive communities is at the heart of contemplative pedagogy

The network functions as a JISC mail list that anyone can ask to be added to. The blog is edited by Caroline Barratt and [kind volunteer/s yet to be named]. All blogs represent the views of the author only. If you would like to write a short piece for this blog (600 words max) or to be added to the JISC mail list contact Caroline on

To visit the site click here.

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