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Integral Sustainability Education

Item ID : 2740

We are a group of facilitators, researchers and artists of diverse modalities.

When we address the sustainability theme: we come to an understanding that there is a challenge, and this challenge is a lot about relationships. We can observe it through the 4 fields of the Integral Model:

*Relations with our Human society – respect to our human brothers, sisters and cultures.

*Relations with the Nature – our ecological systems, who support our survival.

*Relations with the my-self – who I am and acceptance of what I feel/emotions.

*Relation with the Universe – the concept of being one with all that is.


A 2-3 months deepening laboratory for diverse skills of life.

– We will live together in a place, being connected to the nature.

– First we’ll learn how to listen to the place, the needs of nature and the community and plan the building with an Intensive Permaculture Design course.

– Second, while we grow our food in the garden, live as a community, cook our organic food, we will go through an individual and group process of self-awareness, expansion of consciousness and connecting with body, emotions, earth and spirit.

– We will experience a new way of living, spending our days building ecosystems, dancing, meditating, singing, sharing and just being!

– Gradually we’ll share the fruits of our process with the world by opening some of our activities to the local surrounding community and the global community. Some of the classes and courses will be for the group as well as for wider circles. Also according to the real needs of the surrounding local communities we can integrate in the syllabus projects of benefit to these communities, such as Community of dance/theater/garden etc.

– We will leave after us a beautiful paradise, with infrastructures and facilities to be further nurtured and used by more people.

– The aim of the project is to give tools to support further ecological projects. There will be a possibility to enroll to the programm of integral susteinability in different climate zones such as tropical (Brazil) or desert (Israel). The student of the plan will be qualified for supporting ecovillages projects. See:

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