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Dr. Oren Ergas

Head of Academic Research & Theory Domain

Oren Ergas is a researcher and lecturer in the field of contemplative education. His research focuses on understanding how the practice of yoga, tai chi and mindfulness meditation constitute education. These researches establish the place of contemplative pedagogies within education and specifically elucidate the place of the body as the heart of the pedagogy. Oren's PhD dissertation, completed in 2012 within the Mandel fellowship for outstanding doctoral students, developed an educational model based on the concepts of "self" and "knowledge" as they are manifest in modern science on the one hand and Buddhism and classical yoga on the other hand. This model opened the possiblity for understanding contemplation as education. The final chapter demonstrated this practically based on an auto-ethnographical study of the yogic posture as education.

Oren lectures at the Hebrew university and in teacher education programs. His lectures combine contemplative pedagogy as an integral part of the lesson and as the foundation for students' self-research projects.
Oren is a certified senior yoga teacher and practices soft Chinese martial arts regularly. He served as a music educator and head of the Academy highschool Jazz concentration in Jerusalem.
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