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contents projects' manager and webmaster

Dr. Marianna Ruah-Midbar

Dr. Marianna Ruah-Midbar is the contents projects' manager of “Neshama Yetera” as well as the webmaster of the Institute’s website.
She was one of the first webmasters of Tali foundation’s website, and runs/ran many different educational and public positions: creating educational programs and mentoring teachers in the fields of Jewish philosophy and moral education, managing projects for applying computer in education, broadcasting radio programs (“The academia of spirit”), conducting life ceremonies, guiding learning communities, teaching bible in high-schools, etc.
In the academic area, Dr. Ruah-Midbar researches culture and religion, and is among the pioneers of contemporary spiritualities' research in Israel. She deals with Jewish and alternative spiritualities, while focusing on the question of the shaping of spiritual discourse and the connection between spirituality and other cultural institutes and powers.
Dr. Marianna Ruah-Midbar established a B.A. prgram in Mysticism and Spirituality, and she is the head of this department in Zefat Academic College . (For her Lecturer's page in the college click here).
Dr. Ruah-Midbar also established the Israeli international conference for research of contemporary religion and spirituality, thatoccurs annually since 2009. (To the conferen’s website in the Haifa university click here, and to the website of the conference in Tel Aviv university click here).
Dr. Ruah-Midbar teaches at the Zefat Academic college and at Tel Aviv University as well as University of Haifa on subjects of contemporary spirituality, alternative Judaism, religion and gender, Israeli culture, religion and Internet, etc.
Marianna was born in 1973 and lives in Raanana with her husband Omri and their daughters Enigma Dei, and Thea Magia.
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