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Institute manager

Dr. Eitan Chikli

Born in 1958 in Tunisia.  Immigrated to France with his family in 1967 and after completing High School studies, made Aliya in 1977.

Has a Bachelor's Degree in Oriental studies from the Hebrew University, a Masters Degree in Rabbinical Literature from the JTS, a Teaching Certificate from the Oranim Midrasha, an additional Masters Degree from the Canadian School for Public Management at Harvard University, a Ph.D. in Jewish Education from the JTS. In 1991 he was Rabbinicaly ordained by the Conservative Movement in Israel.

Between 2010-2012 he studied and received a certificate of Organization Consultant and Personal Coacher from the ICCA.

Eitan Chikli served in various educational tasks, amongst which were Manager of Rama Camps in Israel between 1988-1991, the Educational Center in Kibbutz Hanaton between 1991-1994, and from 1994 he manages the Educational Foundation for Tali Schools.

He is a lecturer on Jewish Education at the Schechter Institute for Jewish Sciences and moderator on Educational Leadership at the Mandel Institute.

He was military released as a Major.

Hobbies:  Cooking, music, photography and distance running.

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