Item ID : 2099

Brown Univerisity Contemplative Studies Initiative.

Item ID : 2099

Initiated nearly a decade ago by Religion studies professor Harold Roth, this program combines faculty of diverse fields within Brown U. toward the study of contemplative practice. Students who choose this concentration engage in practice of diverse forms of contemplation, study its sources within Wisdom traditions and participate in research of the practice.

The goal of the program is stated on the website as follows:

“Our long range goal is to build a Center for Contemplative Studies, one that combines our Arts and Sciences program with our Medical School program and reaches out to the arena of Public Health. It is in this center that we hope to educate a new generation of contemplative humanists, scientists, and artists, who are raised on interdisciplinary principles and feel just as comfortable discussing Shakespeare or Vivekananda or Laozi as they do EEG’s and fMRI’s and writing plays like Beckett or Brecht or performing in them.”

To visit the Contemplative Studies Initiative website click here.

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